Same ole, same ole……

Do you just stick to your usual places to buy RAW FOODS? If you do you maybe seriously limiting yourself to an abundance of nutrients your body needs. 

Here are some ways to expand your quest for more RAW FOODS!

Health Food Shops

Be careful as the independent ones can be pricey. Some are well up on their knowledge about what they sell.


Find out the days / times when they mark down the prices – it’s usually in the evening.

Local Markets 

Usually they sell non organic fruits and vegetables and are very cheap in price. Be careful as some items may be past their best.

Warehouses / Wholefood 

You can buy your nuts, seeds, beans and whole-grains in bulk.

Specialist Food Shops e.g. asian / oriental

A  great place for different spices, herbs, nuts, seeds and exotic fruit such as indian mangoes, jackfruit, durian etc.

Local Green Grocers

Greengrocers will vary greatly- check them out. If you buy in bulk don’t be afraid to ask for a discount.

Farmers Markets

Your local council should know where your nearest one is.

Box deliveries – Organic

These can be accessed on line, such as Riverford

You can select your own or they will have seasonal fruit and veg. Some may have access to items from abroad all year round.

Farm Shops

They enable you to access fresh produce that has often been picked the same day. If you are super conscious about your carbon footprint this may be your first point of call for the ultimate RAW ‘fresh’ FOOD.

Roadside Stalls

These are usually located on A or B roads or outside someone’s home. You may never get the same stall twice as people may just do it as a one off or until items are sold. The quality of food will vary a great deal.

Health & wellbeing events / festivals

Events such as the ‘Wolverhampton Vegan Festival’ are places where you can purchase an array of RAW produce such as seeds, nuts etc. You may even get tips and ideas about what you can make with them.

If you know of any other places to buy or access RAW FOOD, feel free to post them here.