Summer is here and the berries are in full flow. It’s time to get eating these succulent fruits and all good things that are RAW!

Berries are great for the menopausal woman. They assist in helping with hot flushes because of the vitamin C.
The antioxidants in berries reduce the damaging effects of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are high energy particles which throw their energy at the skin, collagen and DNA and can cause damage. It’s the anti-oxidants that absorb the bad energy before it affects parts of the body. I know for sure my skin has certainly changed since I began experiencing the menopause so I need these anti-oxidants more than ever……………. go on have a berry!

A word of caution before choosing your berries, try and aim for organic ones because they will not be subject to pesticides which can cause cancer.

The picture above is my RAW creation courtesy of Shazzie’s Raw Kitchen Show on the Active Channel.