Eating more plant based foods

I’m going to share 5 things that have worked for me when it comes to eating more plant based foods.

Have a meat free day or meal

Pick one day of the week that you devote ‘TO NOT’ eating meat, seafood, poultry / game and any animal products – yes that includes milk, cheese, butter / ghee, yoghurt, cream, eggs and honey. This is your time to be adventurous and focus on how you can make your meals interesting and appetising. You may come to realise that the meat was the focal point on your plate and the vegetables, grains, seeds etc. took. second place. If you normally eat with others try and get them to join in with you, it will make preparing meals a lot easier. Agree on a day and take note of what everyone’s favourite plant based foods are.

Buy different ingredients

Each time you go food shopping buy something you have not eaten before (not animal based!). It could be a vegetable, a bag of pulses, grains or fruit. You’re probably going to say, how do I cook it? Well that’s the fun part – trial and error. Here’s a tip: just look with an inquisitive eye at the vegetable and feel its texture. See if it resembles something you do know how to cook and then just treat it the same way or if you are really adventurous prepare it another way – even RAW (if possible).

Make a smoothie 

Blenders are easily available from most supermarkets so making a smoothie is more attainable now. You can eat a lot of veggies in one smoothie since they have been broken down into smaller pieces that are easily digestible. You can take it one step further and try juicing too, this will give you further benefits such as giving your digestive system a rest and cleansing your insides. Start with your favourite fruits and graduate to a green juice!

Have a ‘VEG OFF!’

Inject a bit of fun when creating / trying out different ways to prepare your meals. Get friends / family to join in – invite others around to your home and get them to bring a dish and see whose getting skilful in the kitchen. You can take it in turns so you don’t always get stuck with the washing up! You can have themed nights like Caribbean or Italian or you could choose a particular food item and ask everyone to include it with whatever they are preparing. Before you know it you will learn many ways to prepare a whole new range of vegetables, pulses, grains etc.

Check out my roasted vegetables 

Make one pot meals to optimise eating more plant based foods

I do this frequently. Picture the scene – I open my fridge and see veggies that are not as bright as the first day I bought them. So, I cut up slices of onion, a few carrots, one sweet potato and include some frozen peas …you get the picture. Just make a stew, add spices or herbs of your choice and reduce it down. For a fuller stew add pulses or beans and voila a meal full of hearty goodness – need I say more?

There are many other ways to up your plant intake. I’m keen to hear what you do. Include your tips underneath this post and share it with those you feel will benefit from it.