Many people have asked me what I do with all the pulp left over from juicing. I have therefore put these images together to show you what I recently did – I just finished a 5 day juice cleanse.

Here goes……..

Pic 1 – This is all the pulp left over from one of my juicing sessions, it filled a standard size takeaway container (not that I eat take aways any more).  I think this pulp is ginger, apple, broccoli, celery, courgette and kale. It really doesn’t matter.

Pic 2 / 3 – Linseeds  (aka Flaxseed) – I ground this freshly in my blender (Vitamix). It took seconds.

Pic 4 – I mixed the ground Linseed and pulp together and added in some spices  like cumin to enhance the flavour. You can add salt, pepper, tomatoes, onions etc.

Pic 5 / 6 – After mixing I then spread it out on sheets designed for the Excalibur Dehydrator. Mine is a 5 tray one.  I set the heat on 114 degrees fahrenheit and left it for 11 hours to dehydrate, I made sure I flipped them over half way so both sides got maximum dehydration.

Pic 7 / 8 – The finished product! I transferred them to glass jars for storage. I alway put a bit of tissue in the top to draw out any more moisture.

I eat my flax crackers like crisps and I dip them in my home made RAW hummus.

You can also make fruity version crackers, especially if you have fruit based pulp, just add cinnamon and a little sweetener like dates or coconut sugar.

My advice is to just experiment by adding things and seeing what flavours develop – that’s what I did initially. For those of you who have not got a dehydrator you could put these in the oven on a very low heat and leave the door ajar.

I hope this has been useful.

Let me know how you get on making your crackers, Feel free to post your comments here below.