I don’t know about you but for me the month of April brings to mind rain, rain, rain, rain: hence the saying ‘April showers’.

For the menopausal woman, take the hint from Mother Nature and keep yourself hydrated!

Water is very important for the effective functioning of what is going on in your body, especially because your body is going through changes.

If you are one of those people who knows you should be drinking more water but isn’t, maybe this will give you the motivation you need to drink more.

Reasons to drink more water:

Water assists the body in metabolising stored fat which is needed for managing your weight.
Water is a good transporter of toxins out of the body and nutrients to the organs.
Being dehydrated can manifest in you having a bloated stomach, headaches, joint pain and feeling irritable.
Hydration helps in preventing constipation.
Drinking a lot of water will not make you put on weight.
The human body consists of ¾ of water …… need I say more?

Still not convinced? Try these tips:

Put some fresh lime or lemon in water to give it a bit of a zing!
Water down fruit juices.
Make decaffeinated herbal teas. You can also cool them for drinking through out the day – or add some agave
Try green tea.
Some fruits / vegetables are very watery e.g. melon and cucumber. I put them in a blender with a bit of water
and hey presto you also have an energy drink too.

Do you have any tips on drinking more water?