How’s your eating going? – Do you feel like you are constantly reaching for sugary and high fat content foods? You may not be hungry at all; just dehydrated(see H2O post) or deficient in a particular vitamin/mineral…

Well try something different – pulses!

Pulses (legumes) are rich in nutrients such as protein and have a low glycemic value, meaning they are digested slowly. So, you will feel fuller longer and less likely to suffer the sugar highs of a doughnut!

Pulses contain phytochemicals (chemical compound) which are known to keep oestrogen levels under control, as they act like oestrogen in a mild way.

Soya is a particular favourite for the menopausal woman but it also comes with controversy. There has been good and bad reporting about soya. The main reason is that some soya is highly processed so you may not gain its nutritional benefits. Go for organic soya to ensure it has not been genetically modified in any way.

Try other pulses such as lentils, chickpeas, butter beans, black eye peas and kidney beans. Use them to make soup, veggie burgers, salads, terrine and stews.

Happy eating!