Yes! Summer is finally here, and if you are like me, you are probably getting invites to lots of get-togethers and celebrations. You may also feel you need more energy than ever before. Keeping up with social engagements can be exhausting in a nice way.

Bananas are a good for slowly releasing energy. They have the following nutrients: potassium, tryptophan, beta carotene, vitamin K, C and B6.

The banana can promote sleep which is useful for those who suffer from hot flushes and find it hard to get to sleep. B6 supports the nervous system and potassium aids circulation within the body.

Not only is the fruit of the banana good to eat but also the inside skin. It contains pectin which removes toxic metals from your body and also lowers cholesterol. Don’t forget to scrape this out and eat it!

If you want to introduce more bananas into your five a day, try making smoothies, here’s one I like:

¼ of a cup of rice / soya milk
1 x banana and the inside of the skin
1 x teaspoon of linseed
Handful or strawberries / berries of your choice

Blend to your consistency and serve straight away ……mmm

Go Bananas!