The Almond is a very good companion for the menopausal women. Here are some reasons why:

Rich in magnesium, therefore assisting vitamin D in helping Calcium absorption. I am sure you know we need support with our bones at this time.

High in vitamin E which fights off free radicals. Free radicals are linked to ageing.

Cholesterol free, so reduces the risk of heart disease. What’s the link with heart disease and menopause I hear you ask? Well, the menopause causes a change in the amount of fat in a woman’s blood. This fat (lipids) is a source of energy for all the cells and your cholesterol count is determined by the lipids.

You have two components within cholesterol, lets call them good and bad. It’s the bad cholesterol that increases in post menopausal women as a direct result of estrogen deficiency. Too much of the bad cholesterol can lead to heart attack, stroke and death because the artery walls are clogged with this cholesterol.

Yogi Bhajan(1929-2004), PhD and Master of Kundalini Yoga, (when sharing his thoughts on foods for the menopause) suggested that: “when taken in its (edible almond oil) raw, cold pressed, unsaturated form, it lowers cholesterol, reduces body fat, cleanses the body of toxins, keeps the skin healthy and lustrous, provides necessary protein and takes away hunger”
– Foods for Health & Healing, Published by the Kundalini Research Institute

Now get munching those Almonds you know it makes sense!