Healthy Habits

Eating more RAW FOODS is a great way to increase your health inside and out, but there are a few other things that you can do to further improve your health and wellbeing. Check out these habits below and see how close you are to doing any of these well – look on it as your mini health check’.

Drink Plenty of Water

Over 70% of the body consists of water which means we need to ensure we keep hydrated. In order for the body to function well it has to hold that percentage of water all the time. Try drinking a glass of water next time you experience: a headache, the inability to concentrate or work something out in your head – it may be that you are experiencing dehydration. 

Breathe Properly

I know you are breathing because you are reading this! But are you doing it well? An ineffective breathing pattern is one that is shallow and seems to just happen within the chest area, whereas a healthy breath is deep, it extends to your belly and is longer. 

The longer your breath movement the more oxygen you will take in and the more carbon dioxide (CO2) you will exhale. Oxygen is needed to purify the blood. It is just as important to exhale fully to ensure that you have space for the next inhale.

To see how you breathe look at your belly when you breathe in and out. Ideally, your abdomen should rise when you breathe in and deflate when you breath out, this shows you are taking in long deep breaths. 

Move Ya Body!

Believe it or not, you are designed to move or to put it another way, use it or lose it! The body will gradually weaken if you do not move it. This can result in you becoming ill. If you can do at least half an hour of exercise per day whether it be vigorous or flowing movements, it will benefit you in many ways. Exercise is good for reducing stress, eliminating toxins, increasing your muscle tone, blood circulation & energy; helping to reduce your body fat and the risk of getting diseases such as: diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis. 

For women who are in their menopausal years weight bearing exercises are a must – anything where you are bearing the weight on your feet / legs such as walking, dancing, rebounding (jumping up and down on a trampoline), climbing stairs, skipping, jogging and aerobics will help you build bone mass and density.

Get a good night’s sleep (that is not induced by alcohol)

Picture the scene, you may wake up at 8am and go about your day either carrying out manual work, staring into a computer using your brain consciously to figure things out, doing chores one after the other, being responsible for others etc. You also eat, drink and digest what you have ingested. All this takes energy and wear & tear on the body. 

When you are asleep you are healing, you’re giving your body time to repair itself and reach a state of balance. If you repeat certain activities as mentioned above each day you need to help your body heal itself to be able to repeat this process, if not your body will show you signs of malfunctioning.

What do you do that keeps you healthy? Post yours here, I’m keen to hear what you do, or if you prefer write it on my Facebook page.